The Bunny Rally 1963

The Bunny Rally was run in the spring time each year in the early sixty’s, and was organised by the three Nottingham Scooter Clubs, The Nottingham Lambretta Club, known as the ‘The Bowmen’, The Outlaws which was an all makes scooter club, and last but not least The Nottingham Vespa Club.

The Rally which was held at Bunny a small village which was situated on the A60, and as you will see from the beginning of the 1963 film that the village was situated halfway between Nottingham and Loughborough, hence the name of the rally, the rally field was a smallish playing field on the outskirts of the village on the Loughborough side, which interestingly is still there to this day and has not yet been turned into a housing estate, surprisingly.

Due to lack of any photographs which I have of this event, the photographs on this page are from the 1964 Isle of Man Gymkhana, correct era wrong place.

Norman Ronald

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