The Druidale in Seven Minutes 2016

Due to extreme weather conditions in 1969 the event was reduced from four to two laps, I recorded this piece of film in June 2016 using my GP125, which is identical in every way to the GP S Type I rode in the event in 1969. And gives a real good demonstration of the speeds which you would need to be doing to make the climb within the seven minutes allocated on a 125cc scooter.

The Druidale time trial was held on Thursday morning, for me the main event of the week, four laps of the Druidale course against the clock. 'For insurance purposes the event was a time trial not a race, but the times set were impossible to achieve' Solo scooters with engine capacity in excess of 150cc but not exceeding 200cc, were allocated 6 minutes 20 seconds to complete the climb, while scooters with a capacitors above 50cc but below 125cc were allocated 7 minutes, without incurring any penalty points.

Norman Ronald

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