Ron Moss, 1969

Words and images courtesy of Ron Moss

It had been raining for hours and I mean raining (see photos). John had advanced the ignition by a few degrees and it was a pig to start, consequently everyone had disappeared in the first section when I finally got going. I rode as fast as I could in the conditions and some how had faster time checks than anyone else although I was not in the first three, in fact I never saw the leaders which of course was Nev Frost. Nev was not happy with the way the event was being run and quite honestly he was right, how can someone be winning an event by coming in 3rd or 4th , in fact I do not know where I finished in the first stint.

So the 2nd and final session, we lined up and this time managed to get going with the rest, not brilliant but managed to pass a few and get behind Nev. The conditions were appalling, gradually Nev pulled away out of sight. I concentrated hard and put in some decent laps and some how Nev was back in sight, once I could see him I caught up quickly; I overtook him and visa versa a great race for that time. I managed to be in front for the last two corners, That seemed to take a age, not wanting to fall off and keep Nev behind me, edging around the last bend and onto the finishing straight I just put my head down and waited for him to pass me, when I looked up I could not believe he hadn’t. I’d just held on, the conditions were a great leveller, as Nev’s bike was quicker. Well I do not think anyone could believe it, I know I didn’t, Nev had never been beaten in a straight race on a track before and I’d never won before. After that day we did have some hairy races.

I must say now that Nev was the best all-round scooter rider of all time, by that I mean rallies, grass track everything and a gentleman to boot, he did not have to brag about it, he just showed people how it was done, at the event. Respect both ways. 1968 also saw my first trip to the Isle of Man, on the first day my head gasket blew after a quick change went to sign on but was 15 minutes late so lost one point and a gold medal for the Manx 400 before I’d even started! Can you imagine covering 400 miles without losing any points and getting a Silver instead of a Gold medal, No you can’t, don’t even think about it, Sick or what?

What happened the rest of the week, I have not a clue. I cannot remember a thing. I dare say someone out there will give me some answers. And I don’t mean who WON. Crashed at Lydden Hill, at the beginning of the Year, looking at my watch hit a bump and broke my collar bone! Well documented in Magazines, has anyone got one? If so please send some info, thanks R.

In those days I used to ride to the events, that day I did not ride back. In fact it was my first ride in an ambulance.

You know the saying “I was seeing stars” well I was and I could not see even when I was conscious, a bit scary I have to admit.

The trip took me to Canterbury Hospital on a Sunday, Bear that in mind. I was laid out on a trolley, I’m now thinking my leathers were going to be cut off me, you know broken bones and all that and where the hell am I going to get the money for a new set? Not to worry though because I’ve got this big fat bitch (edited for racial discrimination) asking me where the pain is. My shoulder I explained, (if anyone reading this owns a set of tight fitting racing leathers you know what it takes to get into and out of them) right then pull these off, WHAT the F***, this woman had just been transferred from King Henry VIII torture chambers, still it saved some money I suppose. Now for the x-ray, no it’s Sunday, it’s closed, and you’re not allowed to have accidents on a Sunday! Oh bugger, I didn’t know that, LASCA will have to run the event on a Monday next time.

So I discharged myself, but before you go take this tablet and a cup of tea (I do not do tea). What they did not explain was that this tablet did not mix with beer, so throw your ring up Ron boy in the pub on the way home. So to Croydon hospital, X-Ray no problem, broken collar bone, we will fix that no problem. We will just bandage you up temporarily, come back tomorrow and we will fit you with the proper ones! What is it with Hospitals in those times? They loved the torture, knee in the middle of you back, pull your shoulders back and tie you up in a figure of eight to hold them there. Exit Ron looking like a gorilla, how long for? At least four weeks! These days a few nuts and bolts and Bob’s your uncle good as new, what was that all about?