Average speed over the whole distance was 28.58 mph for 200cc machines. Those members of the British team, which consisted of Norman Ronald (21), John Ronald (25), Tony Tessier (21), Roger Crook (22), Ken Hurlingshaw (20), Peter Clements (29), Peter Coop (21), Harvey Watt (22), and Gerald Daniels (25), who said that 28mph. sounded like a doddle, later had to admit that one had to ride like hell to make it when they found that the route crossed the Apennines several times, often rising to over 3,000ft. Favourite entry was the Spanish team, winners on the last two occasions, but their hopes were shattered when a team member crashed and broke a leg. Only casualty (not serious) among the British team was Roger Crook (1964 IOM Rally Champion) who was in collision with a car on a closed section of a mountain road.

Twisting mountain roads, often with a sheer drop on one side, were a feature of the route, and conditions were not improved by rain which, combined with a heavy coating of tyre-rubber on the bends , produced a treacherous road surface.In addition to the trophy for being second overall, the Lambretta Club Great Britain members were awarded a medal for being the best turned out team, and other awards for being third in the daily scoreboard on three occasions.

Finally, immediately on their return to the UK, the British team set off for Black pool and arrived in time for the BLOA Rally, where t hey we’re given a tremendous welcome.

3rd Milan to Taranto Regularity Trial

Scooter and Three Wheeler, July 1965

What a performance! Fly nine scooterists to Italy; give them just two days to get to know one another; tell them that they are now three groups representing British Lambretta riders; and then set them off to compete against twenty-nine experienced teams from various Continental countries in the toughest-yet 1,000-mile Milan to Taranto Regularity Trial organised by Lambretta Club d'Italia.

Result? In the overall placing’s the British lads finished second to Lambretta Club Cagliari of Sardinia. A poor second? Not a bit of it! At the end of the four days, only  15 sec. separated the runners-up from the winners. No wonder that British team­ manager Bob Wilkinson says that next year they are out to win. In third place was Lambretta Club Castellmare di Stabia (Naples).

Video Courtesy of www.retrobubblearchives.blogspot.co.uk

Photographs Courtesy of Toni Tessier